Monday, July 28, 2008

~July 2008~

Yes, it's been FOREVER, but I've been busy. I can't promise how much more I'll keep it updated, but I'll try! I don't even know if anyone looks at this!! haha

Helping Momma make brownies for 4th of July!

A rare family photo!! Not the greatest either!

One of my favorites. This is bubba in his own world, copying a dog! LOL

This is bubba in his own world, seeing daddy plug his nose in the pool..."copying" him. See a pattern?

I LOVE this picture!! Just wish he was lookin'!

Beach -- July 24th, 2008 (3rd trip)

July 25th, 2008...
I call this, "gorgeous!" haha

Monday, March 31, 2008

[March 2008] He cracks me up!!

1st art project! [03/28/08]

Brayden's 2nd Easter -- 03/23/2008


sweet boy!

March 2008 cont....

We love our days outside!!

Basically my favorite picture of him!

March 2008

<----Early March 2008. Me & my precious angel!!

What I would give for a good camera to be able to take even more amazing pictures!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Our 10 minute trip to the park {Feb 17th, 2008}

Hey it's a dream of mine to be a photographer...I think this looks pretty professional!
can you tell he was sick??